What Will Your Legacy Be?

What Will Your Legacy Be?

Take a moment to think about the following questions:

What do you want to be remembered for?

What do you want your kids, your grandkids and the people in your life to remember about you?

What type of enduring Legacy do you want to leave behind after you’re gone?

Now imagine having the opportunity to read your own obituary – while you are still alive.

Well, this is exactly what happened to Alfred Nobel in 1888; and is how the Nobel Prize came to be.

In 1888 Alfred Nobel’s brother Ludvig died, and a French newspaper mistakenly published Alfred Nobel’s obituary, saying “the merchant of death is dead” and that “he made his fortune by finding a way to kill the most people as ever before in the shortest time possible.”

Alfred Nobel, still alive, did not like what he read.  He was rebuked for his invention of dynamite and it’s said that this is what caused him to decide to re-write his obituary and leave a better legacy after his death.

Alfred then went on to establish the Nobel Prizes and changed his will to donate most of his fortune to the Nobel Prize foundation.  To this day, the Nobel Prize is one of the highest honors a person can receive in the fields of literature, chemistry, medicine, science, economics, and peace.  Instead of the “merchant of death,” Alfred Nobel is now remembered for peace and progress.

What would you like your obituary to say?

What changes do you think you would make after having read your obituary?

Have you mended your relationships?

Have you done what you can to positively impact the lives of others?

What can you do to start creating your own meaningful and intentional legacy today?


by Mark T. Davis

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Mark T. Davis

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