LAS – Benefits

A Powerful Multigenerational Legacy Planning Methodology

To Create A Highly Impactful and Unparalleled Client Experience!

Utilize Our Legacy Program To:

  • Provide your clients access to extensive resources as a value-added extension of your services and differentiate your firm
  • Get in front of an unprecedented shift in family wealth
  • Gain additional insights and deepen client relationships
  • Establish an unforgettable client experience; become more referable
  • Retain client assets and cultivate relationships with the next generation
  • Better connect with Affluent Female Investors via a values-based approach
  • Build relationships with the extended family and friends of your best clients, as well as COI’s
  • Ensure that the family-wealth of your clients endures beyond just 2 or 3 generations

Provide Your Clients With:

  • Access to an extensive portal of ideas, inspiration, and resources
  • The education and tools to begin creating an intentional and meaningful legacy for future generations
  • A variety of ways to preserve intangibles and capture emotional assets
  • A higher chance of an enduring and successful multigenerational wealth transfer
  • A sense of family history, heritage, and tradition
  • And most importantly…Provide your clients with a stronger, deeper, more meaningful, family bond and relationship between generations

Gain Access To:

  • Guided Instruction
  • A systematized framework and methodology
  • Tools, Resources & Ideas • Procedures, Guides, Communications & Scripts
  • And much more….

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Inspire! Create! Share!  Honor every life, and every moment
Make A Positive Impact In The Lives Of The People You Love By Leaving A Legacy Of Values, Not Just Valuables

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